Rural Health Clinics

In early 2018 Andrew Abrass, and American Doctor, partnered with us to run rural health clinics during his trip to Nepal. Thanks to your generous and quick fundraising response ($2,500 in one week!), we were able to get an experienced Nepali medical team to work with Dr. Andrew and the local health officer on the ground. Sunita was even able serve as Dr. Andrew’s translator and nursing assistant! From April 15-18, the team traveled to three different villages in the Malta region and was able to see 355 patients.  Three weeks later, the Nepali health team traveled to the Nawalparasi District and ran another health camp there serving another 249 patients. Many of these people had never seen a doctor before, and would normally have to walk more than an hour to reach the nearest health official. 

In addition to being a wonderful opportunity to share healthcare access with some of our partner villages, one of our goals was to gather baseline data on what types of ailments rural people in these regions are experiencing and what their greatest needs are. While everyone considered the health clinics a huge success, we want to keep it in context with the bigger picture of sustainable community development and what the healthcare situation will be next month, next year, even 5 years from now. 

The most common health problems reported were skin diseases and digestive issues, but there were many people who needed more specialized treatment. In the future we may seek partnerships with Nepali doctors who specialize in Optometry, ENT, Dental, and Maternal care.

Kathryn Cassetta