Malta Community Center Update

The first phase of construction on the Malta community center is complete. After losing their office to the 2015 earthquake, the women’s co-operative is officially operating out of their new working space. The building and land is in their name, and the women are responsible for managing and maintaining the building in perpetuity, a key component for this project’s longevity and legitimacy.

Phase 2 of the project will include a separate bathroom structure, more formal furnishing for the co-op and large community use space, and a grant to the women’s micro-finance operation in order for them to meet the growing demand for small loans in the village. We are currently fundraising for these final stages.

We’re exploring the types of educational programs we might implement with the center as a home base. In addition to the women’s space, there is a large multi use space that was including in the building’s blueprint for this purpose. Future health clinics, like the ones we did in the Spring of 2018, can operate here, in addition to the future programs we develop, like agriculture training or reading and writing courses. Hard to believe it’s been three years since we started fundraising for the building. Stay tuned as the project evolves!

Kathryn Cassetta