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Empowering Nepali Women



CASD USA (Common Action for Sustainable Development) empowers women in rural Nepal through financial resources, education, and running water systems.


“Everytime we are in our fields harvesting food, we thank you”

Woman in partner community, Rakuwa


Our Story

After the devastating 2015 earthquakes, we were immediately drawn to join the relief effort. Sean and Ben met Nicole in an airport, and Katie connected them with Prakash, founder of CASD-Nepal and a friend from her time volunteering years earlier. Prakash welcomed the new team to help lead his emergency efforts on the ground.  Together, they launched the temporary shelter building project that would eventually house 600 people who lost their homes. When everyone came back to the States that year, we officially launched CASD USA. It was the perfect combination of serendipity, hard work, and passion.

Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve done since then:

  • Constructed a water pipeline

  • Built a community center that houses a women’s microfinance program

  • Sent a Nepali girl to nursing school

  • Hosted a series of health clinics

  • In 2019, we’re launching the “Women and Water” project, which will couple running water systems with financial empowerment programs

We are now part of an international family of “CASD” branches in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.


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