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Empowering Nepali women.



CASD USA (Common Action for Sustainable Development) empowers women in rural Nepal through financial resources, education, and running water systems.


“These are not our projects. They are the community’s.”

Prakash Ojha  |  Founder of our partner organization, CASD NEpal


Our Story

Katie spent the summer of '08 working at an orphanage in Nepal, where our now partner and dear friend, Prakash Ojha, was the manager. Years later, Prakash launched CASD Nepal and asked her to be his American ambassador. In 2014, they launched their first project together, a water pipeline.

After the 2015 earthquake, Sean and Ben (friends of Katie’s) were anxious to get in the country and join the relief effort, but needed a local contact to do so. Prakash welcomed them to help lead his emergency efforts on the ground. Through the power of social media, we found Nicole, who was traveling in Myanmar at the time and looking for a similar channel into the earthquake zone. Together, they launched the temporary shelter building project that would eventually house 500 people who lost their homes. When everyone came back to the States that year, we officially launched CASD USA.

Since then we’ve built a community center, created an education scholarship for girls, and hosted a series of health clinics. Starting in 2019, we’re launching the “Women and Water” project, which will construct running water systems coupled with financial empowerment programs in Western Nepal.


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